Connie S - White Lake, MI
"I admit, I was a skeptic going in. I really didn't think I would "go under". At the beginning of the session, Rainie's voice was pleasant and calm. Her words circled around and completely drew me in. I felt so at peace, and I truly got lost in her calming voice. It was like a massage for my brain. When the session came to an end and I opened my eyes, I became very emotional. I actually felt free of some negativity that I had been holding onto. It was a positive experience. Afterward, I felt very relaxed and refreshed and I had a feeling of certainty in myself. I highly recommend Rainie Mills and this specific session to get renewed and refreshed. It was really a great experience."
Laura J.- Romeo, MI
"I was diagnosed with two chronic pain diseases, CRPS and Fibromyalgia. After 8 long years of doctors "trying" medications, procedures and therapies on me, I had pretty much given up. I was exhausted of being a Guinea pig and I was preparing myself for a sedentary life, a life filled with constant pain that dominated my body and mind. Through my massage therapist, whom I trust very much, I met Rainie. She is very easy to talk to and right away started a plan for me. I am now living my life. I still have pain but instead of it dominating my every thought and being at the forefront of my mind she has pushed it to the background and it's not as intense. This was absolutely worth it and if I need a "tune up" or if I need help with any other issues I will definitely be giving her a call. Thank you so much!!"
Vickie B. - Madison Heights, MI
"I suffered a stroke in 2014. My speech and my right side was affected. I have noticed incredible improvements in my speech and my abilities to function with my right hand and arm since starting hypnotherapy with Rainie. My fine motor movements are improving daily. I can honestly say that I am not sure my progress would be this far if it hadn't been for the hypnotherapy sessions. The sessions, both in person and recorded, relaxes me and makes me smile (literally!)...I see myself as I want to be and the more I listen the more changes I notice every day. I highly recommend Rainie, and have already done so to many in my stroke group."

Our Mission Statement

Beyond Better Hypnotherapy strives to help others lead better, brighter more balanced lives in a healthy, positive environment.
Our aim is to provide you with the necessary tools to change your life for the better. Each hypnotherapy session is fully customized to remove blockages, triggers and negative stimuli in order to help you achieve your goals. What the mind believes - it can achieve, and we are here to make that happen.