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Beyond Better Hypnotherapy strives to help others lead better, brighter, more balanced lives in a healthy, positive environment. Our aim is to provide you with the necessary tools to change your life for the better. Each session is fully customized to remove blockages, triggers and negative stimuli in order to help you achieve your goals. What the mind believes it can achieve and we are here to make that happen.

Meet Your Hypnotist

Rainie Mills, C.Ht.

Rainie is a complimentary health practitioner and life coach deeply committed to helping you achieve your goals, overcome obstacles, and unlock your truest potential.  She focuses on a mind-body approach that is individualized and centered around you which allows you to discover ways to lead a better, brighter more balanced life.  This mind-body approach utilizes hypnosis, bio-field energy including the use of Reiki and the chakra system, mindfulness and aromatherapy.

She received her hypnosis training at Clinical Hypnosis Institute and is a registered member of the Clinical Hypnosis Professional Group. The training comprised in-class instruction hours at a State licensed hypnosis school, intense practicum experience, monthly development meetings and ongoing continuing education requirements.  In addition, she received her Reiki Master training from William Rand at the International Center for Reiki Training. Further, she is an ordained minister, since 2005, and holds a Bachelors of Science from Oakland University.

Rainie’s entire mission is to help you create lasting positive change in your life. To focus on your strengths to help you achieve your goals and propel you toward a brighter future.



Rainie Mills, C.Ht.

Rainie Mills, C.Ht.

Certified Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnosis Pro Group Member
Clinical Hypnosis Pro Group Member


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