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While the fastest way to reach us is by telephone (248) 797-9506, you can also contact us through our Facebook page or by submitting the form below.


    Virtual Appointments

    We have integrated fully to online hypnosis sessions to better serve you. Virtual appointments are effective and are often found to be more immersive than in-person services.

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    Things to know

    ☞ Sessions must always be prepaid. Upon receipt of your payment, a link for your scheduled appointment will be sent.

    A completed questionnaire and consent form must be received prior to the first session.

    For the success of your session please ensure you will be undisturbed for the entire duration.  It is important that you remain uninterrupted.  Please notify friends, family members, employees etc. appropriately. Refunds will not be issued if your session cannot be completed due to interruptions. Emergencies are the only exception.

    Turn off any cell phones/smart watches or other devices that would provide a distraction. For smart watches ensure the ringer and alerts are set to silent mode (not vibrate mode).

    Find a comfortable place to relax where your neck and back will be supported.  Some people find a recliner, an executive office chair or a bed work well.

    The use of a device such as a laptop, phone or tablet will be needed for this session. Please ensure whatever device you use is able to be propped up so it is hands-free during the session. If you are using a phone, make sure it is in do not disturb mode during the session so you are not interrupted by phone calls or messages.

    Headphones are preferred and highly recommended. Speakerphone is not recommended.

    ☞ Ensure any distracting factors are removed from the spot you choose, including pets.

    ☞ Use the bathroom prior to the session.

    ☞ If you need to change your appointment date or time for any reason, please notify us at least 24 hours in advance.

    ☞ Appointments cancelled within 12 hours will not be refunded.



    While we have enjoyed serving you at our Washington Township, Michigan location, we have closed our physical office and are opening up our hypnosis services virtually to serve more clients effectively. While we still have a Michigan presence, we are also offering hypnosis services in Naples, Florida.

    The ability to effectively offer virtual hypnosis has allowed us to open our services not only in Michigan and Florida, but anywhere with a stable internet connection allowing us to help many more people.