A transpersonal approach to hypnotherapy is not dependent on your religious beliefs, nor does it require you to have any a belief in any religion, deity, or belief in the existence of an immortal soul. What transpersonal hypnotherapy requires is that you have a willingness to delve within focusing on your own inner wisdom and intuition. It is a crossing of body, mind and spirit.

Transpersonal/Spiritual hypnotherapy allows you to tap into a higher level of consciousness where you can gain insight and awareness to questions, on-going issues, and your soul’s purposes. ¬†This type of therapy can help resolve problems and allow you to come to a clear understanding and resolution of issues in your life.

Hypnosis is a powerful transformation tool that allows you to change and heal. A transpersonal/spiritual hypnosis session can provide you with the tools necessary to find self-acceptance, love and inner peace. It is a journey that transcends the body and ego boundaries allowing you to examine your beliefs, your strengths and your weaknesses. During the session you can find self-understanding and empowerment to realize your fullest potential and the ability to allow yourself to heal guiding you to a better, brighter, more balanced life.

How hypnotherapy can help:

  • Explore interpersonal mind, body, spirit connection
  • Provide you with a higher sense of self
  • Discover and accept you
  • Find inner peace
  • Realize your fullest potential
  • Balance life
  • Transform relationships
  • Healing your inner child
  • Create abundance in your life