“Mastering others is strength, Mastering yourself is True Power” – Lao Tzu


In today’s non-stop world it is hard to shut down your mind.  The constant overload of information that pours into our minds on a daily basis makes it hard to stop, focus and take time for ourselves.  This barrage of information can cause our minds to be restless, lack proper attention needs and keep us up at night.  This constant stream of outside information causes increased stress responses, anxiety and a myriad of other personal health and behavioral issues.  Allowing your mind time to still, taking time to focus on you, can create a better, brighter, balanced lifestyle.

Hypno-meditation is a powerful fusion of mind, body and spirit.  By combining the two powerful and transformative techniques of hypnosis and meditation you can reach deeper levels of awareness and clarity.

Meditation alone is an excellent way to create mind-body relaxation where you can achieve that balance that we all seek. It is often described as the absence of thought – just being.  The aim is for a still mind, free from conscious thought.  Meditation usually focuses on a mantra or affirmation to help keep your mind focused on that stillness.  Guided meditation is very similar to hypno-meditation wherein instead of having to focus yourself you are allowing someone else to help you reach a passive relaxed state using imagery.

Hypnosis also includes that state of relaxation found in meditation but allows you to reach a deeper, more profound state.  Hypnosis differs by using an active mind-body awareness while in that relaxed state.  It bypasses conscious thought processes, taking it one step further by utilizing this state to implement positive change into the subconscious mind.  In hypnosis there are no mantras or affirmations to concentrate on instead your mind is allowed to focus on what it needs without any conscious interaction.

We are what we believe.  Our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions determine our reality.  By replacing limiting thoughts with positive thoughts and actions we can change who we are, how we behave, our perception of things and ultimately our entire life.  Hypno-meditation can be used as an effective personal growth and development tool.  By joining these transformational forces you will experience a more focused awareness which allows you to experience the progress as it is happening. While in this state you can recognize and release limiting thoughts and behaviors allowing you to gain a strong sense of clarity and purpose.

What happens during hypno-meditation?

Just like meditation, you will learn techniques focused on creating mindful awareness of body, breath, thoughts, emotions and being.  During the meditation you will always be in control, safe and secure.  You will be guided to wonderous places where you can learn something about yourself, rid yourself of limiting thougths and gain a higher level of understanding.  You will be empowered and enlightened, experiencing in the present moment without judgment.  Hypno-meditation allows you to achieve awareness of your thoughts, body sensations and breath while gaining an understanding of your internal reactions to external events.

True knowledge of self allows you to achieve a happier life, better social relationships, improved creativity, improved satisfaction and success.  Are you ready to discover your inner world, find true peace and discover the real you?

Benefits of Hypno-Meditation:

  • Stress reduction
  • Change catalyst
  • Build new neural pathways
  • Improve circulation
  • Increased clarity and peace of mind
  • Reduce anxiety
  • Relief from aches, pains and tension
  • Improved coping abilities
  • Increased positivity
  • Increased well-being