Science based Studies and Results

Below you will find science related studies and research that show the effectiveness of hypnosis.  This list and page will continue to grow to provide you with information to make the most informed decision for you.  Thank you for taking the time to consider hypnosis as a part of your well-being.

Research and Case Studys:

Parkinson’s disease:

Feasibility of clinical hypnosis for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease: a case study. The findings of this study suggest “clinical hypnosis is a potentially feasible and beneficial treatment for some Parkinson’s symptoms.”

The Effects of Hypnosis on a Parkinsonian Tremor: Case Report with Polygraph/EEG Recordings.  The results of this study suggest that “daily sessions of self-hypnosis can be a useful therapeutic adjunct in the treatment of Parkinsonian tremors.”

Stroke recovery:

Hypnosis for rehabilitation after stroke: six case studies.  In this study, “qualitative improvements in motor function related to increased range of motion, increased grip strength, and reduced spasticity of the paretic upper limb. Subjects consistently reported an improved outlook, increased motivation, as well as greater awareness of and decreased effort to perform motor tasks with the paretic limb.”