Usui/Holy Fire II |Advanced Reiki Training (ART)

To qualify for Advanced Reiki Training (ART) you must have taken Reiki I and II and practiced Reiki for at least 6 months. You must also be able to draw the three symbols from Reiki II from memory.

During Holy Fire ART you will experience the Healing in the River of Life Experience and receive the the Usui Master symbol. You will receive the Usui/Holy Fire II Master placement to increase your Reiki energy, strengthening and empowering the Usui Master symbol and further increasing the effectiveness of the Reiki II symbols. You will practice using the Usui master symbol for treatments and participate in meditation that strengthens and expands consciousness. The Pre-Ignition process will begin in the ART class, preparing you for the Ignition of the Holy Fire symbol.  Additionally, you will learn the use of crystals with Reiki and how to make and use an energy grid that will charge and send continuous Reiki. You will perform Reiki psychic surgery to remove negative energy from yourself and others and send it to the light. In addition, you will participate in a guided meditation that will introduce you to your Reiki guides who will help and guide you as you continue your Reiki practice.

Usui/Holy Fire II Reiki Master Training

To qualify for Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki II Master training you will have to provide documentation that you have taken Reiki I, II and Advanced Reiki Training.

Instruction is given on the Usui/Holy Fire II system of Experiences, Placements, and Ignitions. During the Master training, you will receive the Holy Fire symbol, Usui/Holy Fire II Master ignitions, and the Healing Fire ignition. You will participate in the Ocean of Holy Love experience, the Holy Fire Healing experience, the Healing River of Life experience, and the Healing Fire Ignition.  You will be given instruction and guidance to give Placements for Reiki I & II, ART, the Pre-Ignition, and both Ignitions for Reiki Master level.  There will be class time for hands-on practice using the Holy Fire Symbol.  Your experiences include an advanced Reiki meditation that will harmonize and energize the chakras as well as instruction to give yourself Experiences, Placements, and Ignitions.  You will be taught the values and spiritual orientation of a true Reiki Master in this class.  You will be provided with class outlines for teaching and tips for developing and promoting your Reiki business.  This class provides a very powerful healing experience for the practitioner as well as the ability to pass the knowledge and skills necessary to do Reiki on to others.

During this class you will receive:

  • Class Manual
  • Completion Certificate
  • Symbols



Prerequisites:  Reiki I & II.  You must have practiced Reiki II for at least 6 months.  Your previous Reiki classes must have been in person with your teacher, we will not accept online, mail order, DVD or other distant Reiki training for qualification.  You are required to be able to draw the three symbols from Reiki II from memory.  At the time of registration you are required to provide a copy of your Reiki II certificate.

Location:  Washington, Michigan 48095 (map and directions provided upon registration).

Lodging and Meals:  Students are responsible for their own lodging and meals.

Investment: $875.00 with a $275.00 non-refundable deposit. Your registration is confirmed by paying the complete balance of $875, or by paying the non-refundable $275 registration fee.  The registration fee is non-refundable, and we understand life happens, so we allow it to be transferred to another class within one year of purchase.  Your class manual will be provided upon payment of the full course fee.

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