Ramana_Maharshi_QuoteHow many times have you asked yourself the question – Is this it?  Have you ever thought there has to be more and find yourself on a continuous quest to find whatever that more is, only to never find it.  Maybe the answer is that you are looking in all the wrong places.  Maybe you had the answer all along and just haven’t been able to see it.

Oftentimes we search and search for answers from outside sources not realizing that we have the resources we need, right inside of us.  We shape our own destiny.  Our reality is created from our own perceptions of the world and our reactions, feelings and behaviors reflect what we believe to be true.  So the question ‘is this it’ – what does that mean to you?  Really analyze what that statement holds true for you and you will be able to find the elusive ‘more’.  Look inside yourself and find out what is missing, only then will you be truly satisfied with the outcome.

Follow the below suggestion to help you find out what ‘it’ is.

1.  Find a comfortable spot where you can focus on you – without any distractions.  (Yes, this means turn your phone, tv, radio off and tell everyone to leave you be for a moment)

2.  Take a few deep breaths and really pay attention to them, how they make you feel, what changes happen in your body when you do.

3.  Turn your attention inwards, ask yourself what it is you are seeking, and really pay attention to your feelings.  What are they?  Did you feel happiness and joy or did you feel emptiness or a sense of incompleteness?  This inner dialogue with yourself will help you identify what it is that you are seeking.

4.  Take those feelings you felt and ask yourself how you can change those feelings.  What do you have in your power to do to change the way you feel about that?  Give yourself a moment to find the answer.  Listening to your body and the way it feels.  Just let the answer come to you, without trying to force it.  The more you do this, the more you will find you can find what you are looking for and the answers are inside of you – if you just learn to accept them and let them come.

5.  Take another breath and enjoy your relaxation for a moment before allowing yourself to continue on with your day – taking your new found knowledge and creating something more.